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This coaching will take place in Skype for 1 hour. You can chose one photo that I will edit in Photoshop CC (or Lightroom on your choice) in a professional way using my personal workflow explaining you every step. 

This offer is dedicated to amateurs and professionals, to beginners and advanced photographers that want to learn or improve their skills and quality in editing using Lightroom and Photoshop CC.


You will get the basics for editing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop CC


- setting in camera Raw

- eyes editing

- selecting a dog

- masks

- perfect sharpening

- color cast removing

- adjusting colors

- adding lights

- vignetting

- exporting


You will get expert techniques for editing your images in Camera Raw and Photoshop CC


- my personal workflow with advanced training that I use to edit all my images

- how to achieve the maximum quality along the whole process



Claudio Piccoli is a photographer based in Italy specialized in dogs in action.


Audrey Bellot is a photographer from France specialized in dog portraits.


We both decided to create this community to share with you our experience in editing and shooting techniques in dogs photography.

We are sure you will love this experience!

Take a look to the prices in the offer:


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 Italy, Piverone (TO)