by Claudio Piccoli

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After many years of experiences all around the World, collaborating with the best brands in the World like Nikon, working as Master in the Nikon School, as Ambassador for Nikon Italy and doing a lot of Workshop in many different countries, several lectures in front of thousands of people and private coaching, I decided to launch this new offer to satisfy who can't attend my Workshops cause the distance or that prefer to have a direct connection and communication with me.

ONLINE COACHING is dedicated to amateurs and professionals, to beginners and advanced photographers that want to learn or improve their skills or techniques to reach the maximum level in dogs photography, in editing using Lightroom or Photoshop, developing a personal successful business or simply want to be helped to find an own unique style. 

Every session on-line is customisable depending on your level and your real needs. I will help you to understand what you really need without doing something "standard", but creating something dedicated to you only! This methods allows to avoid wasting time and to bring you really fast to the goal!


Every lesson is in real time on Skype and not pre-recorded as usually happen!

In every lesson you will get my direct connection and my strong motivation that will push you in your photography.

Below you can see some packages that I'm sure will fit your needs! After selected your plan, we will decide the date and the time together.


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 Italy, Piverone (TO)