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Dogs in Action


29-30 OCTOBER 2022



790 €

(my book and lunches are included)

Summary about the workshop

Two intense days to learn or improve the Dog in Action Photography with me. I will share all my techniques and secrets with you, in order to allow you to achieve the master level in this difficult photography's field. You will also improve your skills at 360 degrees in dog photography because I will push you during the theory and shooting sessions with different, beautiful and very active dogs. In this way I can help you to go over your limits. I will also share my personal complete editing workflow in Photoshop 2022 with you.


8am-12:30am Theory


12:30pm-1:30pm  Lunch included


2pm-6pm Shooting



8:30am-11:30am Shooting


11:30am-12:30pm Lunch included


12:30pm-5:30pm Editing


DATE:  29-30 October 2022


PLACE OF THEORY AND EDITING:   Bad Kreuznach, Germany (more details about the exact address will be provided one month before the workshop)

PLACE OF SHOOTING:   two different locations, 10-15 minutes driving from the meeting room

LUNCHES:   2 lunches are included (Saturday and Sunday)

BOOK:   1 book is included (book: "My personal Editing Workflow 2022" with a value of 199 euro)

PRICE:   790 euro 

a deposit of 390 euro is required in the moment of the registration - the remaining final balance of 400 euro must be paid no later than 45 days before the date of the workshop to confirm the participation. You will get an email to remind you the payment).

After each payment you will receive an invoice. The payments are not refundable since the places are limited. If you will not pay the final balance at least 45 days before the date of the workshop, your participation will be cancelled and you won't be refunded.

COVID:   the workshop will be postponed or completely refunded on your choice only if the country (Germany) will close the borders to foreign people during the days of the workshop. The workshop will follow the rules required in Germany to assure the right precautions for everyone safety (masks, safety distances, etc). You won't be refunded if you can't participate the workshop for your personal issues or circumstances.

NOT INCLUDED:   overnight staying, transportations , travel insurance and everything not specified above.


THEORY AND SHOOTING: choosing right lenses and camera, settings in camera, how to control the depth of field, how to create a natural and creamy bokeh behind the dog in the shooting, how to use the natural light to exploit the action, how to manage the histogram to preserve the quality in pictures also at high iso, how to use the camera modes depending on the situations, how to manage correctly shutter speed, aperture and iso to achieve the result wanted, how to make your camera faster with autofocus, how to use correctly the autofocus with dogs in action, how to do a correct framing and composition with dogs, how to understand when a picture with a dog is a good picture in action, how to predict the good face of a dog and its positions in action.

EDITING: how to understand an use easily Photoshop 2022, the importance of following a workflow in Photoshop 2022, how to import correctly without loosing information, how to use camera raw in Photoshop, how to do perfect selection of a dog, how to control and adjust the grain and the quality of a normal and high iso picture, how to vignetting, how to manage and create real lights, how to create fairy tale lights, how to create and use luminosity masks, how to change colours, how to create a mood, how to create and add a custom signature, how to export for printings and for socials (Facebook and Instagram) with the maximum quality.


1) Which gear do you I need?

DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens (focal length from 200 to 300mm or equivalent are perfect. This means that these lenses are ok: 70-200mm, 70-300mm, 200mm, 300mm). 

2) In which language is the workshop?

I will speak English.

3) Where can I book the night overstaying?

I suggest you to stay in the Bad Kreuznach where the theory will take place.

4) Which clothes do I need to participate the workshop?

During the theory and editing you can wear what ever you prefer to feel comfortable with yourself. During the shooting instead, I suggest to wear comfortable sport clothes, a gym mat to lie down in the wood, a towel and some changes for the water and seaside practise. 

5) What happens in case of rain?

We will shooting in the nature and it's normal that it can rain sometimes. Dogs usually love the rain! I strongly suggest to bring waterproof protection for your camera and lenses (you can find them in amazon for cheap prices around 10-20 euro) and bring a raincoat for protecting yourself.

6) Which photography level is required to participate?

It's necessary that you know at least the basic things about your camera and how to change the basic settings. Amateur and professional as beginner and expert are allowed because during the shooting I will follow you individually and differently. The theory will start from basics reaching also advanced topics. 

7) What the editing part consist in?

The editing part will be explained with Photoshop 2022.

8) Can I participate if I don't know anything about Photoshop?

Yes because I will also give you my personal book that you can bring home and that will help you step by step to replicate my whole post-processing workflow in Photoshop.

9) Is there a group dedicated to the workshop where we can ask more questions?

Yes, after confirming your participation in the workshop paying the final balance 45 days before the workshop, you will receive by email a link to join the WhatsApp group where you can male all the questions you need, where you will get all the precise informations about the addresses to reach during the workshop, where you will be informed promptly of any change in real time and where you can share your images after the workshop for suggests by me. I prefer to use WhatsApp because it's a bout receiving in real time all the informations.

Meet the teacher: Claudio Piccoli


A 51 years old, dog photographer form Italy, Claudio bears the title of Master Photographer “Dogs in Action” in the Nikon School, and is a Nikon Italy Ambassador. He lives with four border collies!

Claudio conducts photography workshops all over the world. He has held more than 50 workshops in many different countries including Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, United States and more. He also offers private coaching and mentoring for professional photographers. 

Claudio was a speaker in the largest photography conference in the world in 2018. Claudio is the winner of several awards from the largest international photography competitions like SIPA contest, OASIS contest, IPA. American Photography and more. 

Claudio lives with many border collies and share his mission about how to live better working with dogs in action in photography around the world.

Meet the host: Martina Eckardt

_DSC7305-Edit Social-sRGB-72dpi_edited.j

My name is Martina Eckardt and I'm 28. I live in Germany with my 3 dogs.

I'm a dog physiotherapist and  dog osteopath. I started dog photography as a passion to share the feeling I have playing and working with dogs. 

My close relationship with dogs began with a little terrier called Henry. He was the constant of my childhood, someone I could always count on and who invited me into his dog world full of energies and happiness. For this reason I decided in 2020 to combine photography with my job.

My main mission is to improve and maintain the dog's quality of life, fitness and health, while creating unforgettable memories for the dog owners. Dogs are fantastic "life improvers". They don't need words to explain their world, they just take us on a journey in the here and now!

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