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18-19-20 October2024



USA, Missouri, St. Louis

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At the Workshop Dogs in Action, I'm dedicated to helping you get the most out of your dog photography experience. My workshops are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to capture the perfect shot every time. With years of experience in action photography, I'm thrilled to share my expertise with you. The workshop will cover everything from equipment and lighting to understanding dog behaviors, ensuring that your pictures have the perfect composition and energy.

FRIDAY October 18th





Shooting running dogs


SATURDAY October 19th

Shooting discdog/agility 




Shooting diving dogs


SUNDAY October 20th







DATE:  18-19-20 October 2024



Theory and editing will take place at Purina Farm - 500 William Danforth Way, Gray Summit, MO 63039-1155 


Purina Farm - 500 William Danforth Way, Gray Summit, MO 63039-1155


Not included


You can have my book "Personal Editing Workflow in Photoshop" with a discount of 50% with a special price of 99 euro instead 199 euro (valid only if you buy it now! You will receive the Book on the day of the Workshop).

Book dog photography


                                (PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)


1- A deposit of 590 euro is required at the moment of the registration.

2- A second payment of 500 euro is required before the end of July 2024.

3- A third payment of 500 euro is required before the end of August 2024.

(you will get an e-mail to remind you the payments).

After each payment you will receive an invoice as confirmation. The payments are not refundable since the places are limited. If you will not pay any of the payments rates (even after reminding it by email), your participation will be cancelled and it will not be refunded. 



the workshop will be postponed or completely refunded on your choice only if the country (United States) will close the borders to foreign people during the days of the workshop.


The workshop will follow the rules required in United States to assure the right precautions for everyone safety (masks, safety distances, etc). You won't be refunded if you can't participate the workshop for your personal issues or circumstances.


Overnight staying, lunches, dinners, transportations , travel insurance and everything not specified above.


At the end of the Workshop you will get a CERTIFICATE of participation.


Resuming in points:


  1. Choosing the right lenses and camera

  2. Understanding camera settings

  3. Controlling depth of field

  4. Creating natural and creamy bokeh

  5. Utilizing natural light for dynamic action shots

  6. Managing histograms for quality preservation at high ISO

  7. Optimizing camera modes for various situations

  8. Mastering shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

  9. Enhancing autofocus for faster captures of dogs in motion

  10. Framing and composition techniques

  11. Recognizing the perfect moments and expressions of dogs in action


  1. Utilizing Photoshop 2024 effectively

  2. Establishing a workflow for efficient editing

  3. Importing images without loss of information

  4. Utilizing Camera Raw for photo enhancement

  5. Perfecting selections of dog subjects

  6. Controlling and adjusting grain and image quality

  7. Adding vignetting and creating lighting effects

  8. Using luminosity masks for depth and dimension

  9. Manipulating colors and mood

  10. Creating and adding a custom signature

  11. Exporting images for print and social media with maximum quality

THEORY AND SHOOTING: Delve into the art of capturing the perfect shot by mastering essential elements such as lens selection, camera settings, and the art of controlling depth of field. Learn how to seamlessly blend natural light with dynamic action, harnessing the power of creamy bokeh to elevate your dog photography to new heights. Discover the secrets behind managing histograms to preserve image quality, even in challenging high ISO scenarios. Unlock the full potential of your camera with expert guidance on optimizing autofocus for lightning-fast captures of dogs in motion. Explore the nuances of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve your desired results with precision. Learn the art of framing and composition to create captivating images that tell a story in every frame. Gain insights into recognizing the perfect moments and expressions of dogs in action, enabling you to capture their essence with finesse and flair.

EDITING: Elevate your post-processing prowess with a deep dive into Photoshop 2022, unraveling its vast capabilities with ease. Embrace the importance of establishing a seamless workflow in Photoshop, ensuring efficiency and consistency in your editing process. Master the art of importing images without sacrificing crucial details, while harnessing the power of Camera Raw to enhance your photos to perfection. Dive into the intricacies of perfecting selections, fine-tuning grain and image quality, and creating stunning visual effects such as vignetting and fairy tale lighting. Explore advanced techniques like luminosity masks to add depth and dimension to your edits, and discover how to manipulate colors and mood to evoke emotion in your viewers. Learn the art of creating and adding a personalized signature to your work, and master the art of exporting images for both print and social media platforms with maximum quality and impact.


1) Which gear do you I need?

DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens (focal length from 200 to 300mm or equivalent are perfect. This means that these lenses are ok: 70-200mm, 70-300mm, 200mm, 300mm).

2) In which language is the workshop?

I will speak English.

3) Where can I book my accommodation?

I suggest to book an Hotel of many that you can find around the Purina Farm in the way to St. Louis.

4) Which clothes do I need to participate the workshop?

During the theory and editing you can wear what ever you prefer to feel comfortable with yourself. During the shooting instead, I suggest to wear comfortable sport clothes, a gym mat to lie down in the wood, a towel and some changes for the water and seaside practise. 

5) What happens in the case of rain?

We will be shooting in nature and it's normal that it can rain sometimes. Dogs usually love the rain! I strongly suggest to bring waterproof protection for your camera and lenses (you can find them in amazon for cheap prices around 10-20 euro) and bring a raincoat for protecting yourself. Or else.... Plastic black bags and black tape work too!

6) Which photography level is required to participate?

It is necessary that you know the basics of using your camera, including shooting in manual or with aperture priority.

Amateur and professional are welcome because during the workshop I will guide you individually. The theory will start from basics reaching also advanced topics. 

7) What the editing part consist in?

The editing part will be explained with Photoshop 2024.

8) Can I participate if I don't know anything about Photoshop?

Yes because you can also buy my book/guide step by step for a discounted price that will help you also at home to replicate my whole post-processing workflow in Photoshop.

Claudio Piccoli

Meet the Master Teacher: Claudio Piccoli

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Claudio, hailing from the picturesque village of Ivrea nestled in Italy. Alongside me is my beloved companion, Leep, a spirited border collie who has shared my journey for the past eight years. I've had the pleasure of training her myself, and whenever possible, she accompanies me on my photography workshops, adding an extra dash of joy to the experience.

As a professional photographer specializing in the captivating realm of "dog photography," I've had the honor of being recognized as a Nikon Ambassador for Italy and a Nikon School Master. Additionally, I've collaborated on the creation of the esteemed "Master di Fotografia" program in partnership with Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport, and Nikon.

My journey into dog photography stemmed from a deep-rooted passion for canines, which naturally evolved into a love for capturing their essence through the lens. Over the years, I've discovered immense fulfilment in merging my passion for dogs with the artistry of photography, continuously striving to enhance both my craft and my life through these cherished companionships.

Recognising the complexities inherent in dog photography, I've made it my mission to share my wealth of knowledge and experience through photography workshops held worldwide. Transforming my once-hobby into a fulfilling career, I'm driven by a profound sense of purpose to educate others while championing the welfare of dogs in need.

During my workshops, I endeavour to unveil the vast world of dog photography, particularly in the realm of action shots, highlighting its transformative impact on both personal and professional lives. Each photograph tells a unique tale, and I pour my heart and soul into every shot and editing process, aiming to showcase each dog in the best possible light, evoking admiration from viewers worldwide.

In addition to my passion for photography, I devote significant time to conceptualising and executing new projects while traversing the globe in search of inspiration. My dedication to the craft has been recognized with several prestigious awards from renowned international photography contests such as Oasis and SIPA. Furthermore, my work has been featured in numerous esteemed media outlets, magazines, and newspapers, resonating with audiences worldwide.

In essence, my journey is fueled by an unwavering love for dogs and a deep-rooted passion for capturing their boundless spirit through the lens, all while inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

To improve the dog photography journey for many dog photographers, I also created (and I'm a judge too) in collaboration with a French colleague, the biggest and most important Dog Photography Contest in the world (the Dog Photography Awards).

Still, I've created two online Dog Photography Schools and communities, the Dog Photography Masters school and the Dogs in Action school and community.

Sara Brueske.png

Meet the Host: Sara Brueske

Sara Brueske has been training dogs since she was eleven years old.  She actively trains in the sports of agility, obedience, scentwork, dock diving, disc dog and protection sports (IGP and mondioring). Due to her prior career as a performer with her dogs, Sara is known for her creative problem-solving and ability to create clear communication between dog and handler. Sara has been employed by Purina as an ambassador for the human-dog bond where she and her dogs performed for the public. Currently, Sara travels the world presenting on a variety of topics as well as teaches online classes through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. She is active in dog rescue as well, having fostered and placed dozens of homeless dogs into their forever homes.

Sara has hands-on experience with a large variety of breeds.

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Today you pay only 590 euro as deposit


  1. A deposit of 590 euro is required today as deposit.

  2. A second payment of 500 euro is required before the end of July 2024.

  3. A third payment of 500 euro is required before the end of August 2024.

(you will receive an e-mail to remind you the next payments at the end of July and at the end of August)

Thank you for the registration!

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