"DOGS IN ACTION" PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP in Cologne (GERMANY) for theory and post processing. Then nearby for shooting.

Are you interested about best action photography but you get easily in trouble to take excellent photos?


Are you in trouble with perfect focusing on fast subjects like dogs in action (small dogs, black dogs,, big dogs, etc.)?


Are you in trouble to get great potential of your gear in action photography?


Are you in trouble to handle correctly all focus planes with dogs in action?

Are you in trouble to undesrstand the magic moment to take dogs in action with only one shot?


Are you in trouble to have a great communication with your action photos?


Are you in trouble to post process an action photo improving the photo with a 3D effect without doing a fake blurring foreground/background with Photoshop? 


....then this is the Photography Workshop suitable for you!


It's a Workshop "All in ONE" and no future upgrade are needed. In two days the Workshop allow you to obtain all necessary skills to take amazing photos with dogs in action and it will teach you everything about action Photography from basic topics to advanced topics with inedit tricks, tips and skills!


You will improve your capabilities getting the best from your gear in all other photography fields too.




First day:


- Theory:

   - Introduction to dogs in action philosophy;

   - Refresher basics;

   - The five important settings on camera that can conditioning the result of a dog in action photo;

   - Learning  how  to take a dog correctly in action;

   - Inedit and innovative methods to understand which come the magic moment to shot in action;

   - Correct setting of the camera for various kind of sports and shooting modes according to the type of Dogs in Action we want to take;

   - How does the AF mode work and how the camera thinks relationing to the type of dog's action/movement?

   - Our setting in the field and positioning (light and background);

   - Different techniques of dog tracking;

   - Correct subject framing (ex: distance and freestyle);

   - Techniques to get a successful communication with a picture (what we wish to convey);

   - Analysis of photographic samples right and wrong;



- Shooting:

   - Exit on the field and putting into practice the concepts seen in the morning with dogs in action;

   - Individual analysis of each one during the shooting time;

   - Briefing on difficulties encountered during shooting and improvement strategies for the next hours shooting;

   - Refining the shot and individual analysis of taken images;

Second day:

9:00AM-6:30PM (with lunch break)

Post Processing:

   - Basics of post processing with Photoshop;

   - Why to use Photoshop;

   - How much the post production affects the success of a photo;

   - Advanced tips and tricks of Post Processing with Photoshot to get best images without transforming them having fakes;

   - Post-processing with Photoshop in dogs in action photography (each participant can bring  his pc/notebook to follow and put into                 practice the lesson simultaneously);

   - Two kind of inedit workflows (basic and advanced) to improve the 3D effect and all other parameters of a photo;

   - End of Workshop with the awarding of certificates to all participants;

When: 15/16th of July 2017


Where: Institution MAINDO, Maarweg 141, 50829 Köln (Cologne) - GERMANY (DE)

Level required: from beginner to expert (professional photographers too)

Gear required: Reflex (DSLR) or mirrorless with interchangeable lens (focal lenght about 200mm)


Exclusions:  meals and overnight stay


Prenotazioni e informazioni mediante e-mail o contatto telefonico diretto.


Contact: Claudio Piccoli

email: info@claudiopiccoli.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claudio.piccoli.photographer/

500px: https://500px.com/claudiopiccoli 


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