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A week in Costa Rica to visit the Animal Love Pet Rescue Center

I've been in Costa Rica in December 2023 for a dog photography workshop. After the workshop I spent 3 days to enjoy the hospitality of Costa Rica. It was beautiful full of good people and good food. I learned the conmcept of "Pura vida" and I discovered one of the best countried in the world.

I also was lucky to be invited to spend 5 days in the Animal Love Pet Rescue Center and their hotel Lands in Love where I could enjoy incredible good vegan food and a group of 16 volunteers who, form 2005 to today, dedicate every second of their lives to saving these poor creatures.

It's been a great experience with all these animals (more than 1400 animals between dogs and cats mainly). I wanted this travel to help them as I could giving them also the right visibility. I know there are many rescue centers all over the world and I decided to start with them.

Everybody can help them also from home making a donations supporting them in food and expensive medical treatments. To thank everyone in our community who decide to donate, the Animal Love Pet Rescue Center is giving a 5-nights ALL INCLUSIVE stay (with meals, drinks and activities!) at their Lands in Love Hotel in Costa Rica!

You can see more videos of the dogs and cats visiting my IG profile @claudiopiccoliphotographer.



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