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Workshops dedicated to amateurs and professionals, to beginners and advanced photographers that want to learn or improve their skills to reach the maximum level in dogs in action and dogs in portrait photography. Every workshop is a great experience and every year there is an upgrade! 

I’m happy to tell you that the Workshop 4.0 2020 is improved once again from my Workshop 3.0 2019 presented last year. I think it's very important to improve the experience for participants every year adding new features and methods of shooting and post processing. The new Workshop is really powerful, covering subjects like theory, techniques and post processing (you will receive the new guide for step by step post processing to replicate my personal workflow at home after the Workshop).

Some feedbacks from participants in my Workshops:

 It was great! There is nothing to criticize, except that in the end, I was not able to concentrate any more. But that's my problem, not yours ;)

The workshop was well organized, well structured and you are not only a great photographer, but also a good teacher. It was all explained very clearly. And of course, your book is a great help, especially to work with at home.

The practical part too was very well organized. 17 dogs of different size and colour - wow! 

I am happy to have attended your workshop and would recommend it! There are a lot of new things I will try in photoshop and also the camera settings were different from those I used until now. I look forward to try all this.

Thank you so much and warm greetings,

Martina Kaup




BELGIUM 27-28 MARCH 2021

Dog Photography Workshop - Dogs in Action 4.0

Two days Workshop in De Hann near Bruges, a beautiful location near the sea in Belgium, where you will have the chance to take photos in Disc Dog and with running dogs with an amazing team that I collaborate with since many years! They are a guarantee and you won't be disappointed. First days with theory and shooting and second day in post processing with Photoshop 2020. 

I will be hosted by two great dog's photographers: Sandra Helsocht and Valerie Eeckloo!

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Dog Photography Workshop - Dogs in Action 4.0

First three days special, unique and intense workshop in the World completely dedicated to the Dogs in Action in a beautiful location in St. Louis. Here the participants will have the chance to learn everything about action photography and photograph some of the best dogs ever in several sports like Disc Dog, Diving, Agility, runnings living two days completely in action with dogs and one day in post processing with Photoshop 2020.

I will be hosted by one of the best world and known names in dog's sport: Sara Brueske that will be also our model with her beautiful and amazing dogs!!!