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Book "Personal Workflow 2022" in ENGLISH

- This book is exactly my personal workflow in Photoshop 2022 that I use for all my images in dogs in action and dogs in portrait. It can be used for all animals and not only. 


- This book represents a part of my photography workshop about the whole post-processing in Photoshop 2022.


- This book is the result of many years of experience in Photoshop, studying and exploring new methods and teaching to many people during my workshops around the world in the last five years.


- This book is part of my life and for this reason I've added a very short introduction that touches me directly and deeply.


- This book is for beginners and experts/advanced users/photographers.


- This book is the first book in the World that explains exactly every step of a photographer workflow with all his tricks and secrets (most of them are totally inedited ways that you won't find in any book or any tutorial because I invented them). 


- The World if full of amazing books to learn Photoshop but this is the only one that tells you what a Photographer does in his personal workflow in all his pictures (I'm dedicating myself to the teaching so I'm not in competition with anyone that could eventually replicate my style). 


- This book contains 80 pages and will guide you step by step teaching you how to edit the images like me in an effective way, with the maximum quality preserved till the end of the post processing for personal purposes, professional purposes, printing, posting in social networks, marketing or commercial.


- The power of this Book is that my workflow can be used totally or just in those parts that you want to add you to your editing. In both cases you can reach your personal mood and style different from others even if the workflow is the same!


- The value of this Book is priceless for me and for all the people that have already used it!


Claudio Piccoli

Book "Personal Workflow 2022" in ENGLISH

  • Buying this book you are accepting all conditions about not possible returning or refunding policy. 

    Buying this book you are aware that the importation custom taxes depends on your country and that are not included in this purchase.

    The image in this page represents the cover of the book and the flag in the picture is not reproduced in the real cover of the book.

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